Plan a Pre-Wedding Event for Guests “We had a casual get-together the night before the wedding at a house we rented and loved the vibe it set for the big day. It gave our guests a chance to meet and get to know each other a bit, which helped our wedding feel much more intimate and relaxed. Even better, since we had time to say hello to almost everyone the night before, there was a lot less pressure to circulate at our actual wedding.”

Hotel Blocking. Stay here the night before the wedding <3 Also for the fam.

IF your wedding is not at night, but it will get dark during the reception, GET THIS PHOTO before you leave!!!!

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8 things that every bride should do the night before the wedding!

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This idea is fantastic for a beach themed wedding - or a celebration taking place after a wedding abroad. Adding a collection of sea shells and pearls to the bottom of the bowl before adding water and flowers can have an incredible effect, making your table decorations appropriately themed in association with your destination wedding.

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