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Nigeria Coat Of Arm

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Richard III's tomb unveiled at Leicester Cathedral

The sealed tomb of King Richard III has been unveiled in Leicester Cathedral. The tomb plinth bears the king's motto "Loyalty binds me"


belonging to King Henry VIII (1491-1547) showing the heraldic badges of Henry and his first wife, Katherine of Aragon and the royal coat of arms; covered with shagreen added in 18th century; figures of Mars, Venus and Cupid; head of Christ; St. George and the dragon; Catherine of Aragon;16th (C16th) Writing box or table desk, probably painted by Lucas Hornebolte (c.1492-1544) c.1525-27 (walnut & oak with painted & gilded leather)


Coat of arms template – Early Years teaching resource - Scholastic


The Elephant and Castle Tavern, Southwark, London originally a blacksmith. The building was converted into a tavern in 1760...the area was devastated during WW2


Detail of Henry VIII's writing box c. 1525. This impressive writing box was almost certainly created in the court workshops of Henry VIII (reign: 1509 to 1547). Lined with leather it is painted with the heraldic badges of Henry VIII and his first queen, Katherine of Aragon (1485-1536), as well as the royal coat of arms.

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ARMENIAN COAT ARMS Armenia King Flags Haykakan Zinanshanner Հայկական Զինանշաններ

Funny Tumblr Posts #Febreeze Murderer That would actually be a good idea for if ever become a psycho serial killer. Im saving this!

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Medieval Family Trees

Dering Roll, c. 1270-1280. The Dering Roll is the oldest English roll of arms surviving in its original form. It was made between 1270 and 1280 and contains the coat of arms of 324 knights, starting with two illegitimate children of King John.

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Executed Queens: Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn ( /ˈbʊlɪn/, /bəˈlɪn/ or /bʊˈlɪn/);[3][4] c.1501[5] – 19 May 1536) was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of Henry VIII of England and Marquess of Pembroke in her own right.[6] Henry's marriage to Anne, and her subsequent execution, made her a key figure in the political and religious upheaval that was the start of the English Reformation.


Not sure who the artist is but I really admire the use of tape to put up art, it subverts the power frame and such like, brings the art back down, negating a sense pretention that can sometimes accompany an art work. Also The use of 'barbie' pink to hide aspects is similar to what i have been doing recently. Although would it be more powerful with just one image, does things hide whilst in a grid form?


Helmet of armour of King James II. English, London, 1686 proof that we own the patent to unicorns