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Helleborus × hybridus (Lenten rose) is a semi-evergreen perennial. Thrives in neutral to alkaline soils that are moist, fertile and humus-rich. Partial shade is ideal but can tolerate full sun. Provide shelter from strong, cold winds. Mulch annually in autumn. Hardy H4 uk.


Goldfinches ~ Beautiful little birds. My mum feeds them in the front garden as they like to be away from the "common" sparrows (maybe they are posh). They LOVE Niger seeds... Photo by Sandor Bernath.

from Journeying to the Goddess

Goddes Hara Ke

Hara Ke’s themes are spring, weather, providence, harvest and growth. Her symbols are seeds, soil, rain, water and dragon images. An African Goddess of sweet water (which also equates with the gentle spring rains) Hara Ke comes into our lives and spring with gentle, growth-inspiring refreshment. According to legend She lives under the river Niger with two dragons in attendance, caring for the souls who await rebirth, just as earth awaits its reawakening with spring.


you'll know when you have these pretty tiny birds in your garden, from their sweet charming singing. Hopefully the couple will return to my garden again this year. i used niger seeds to get them to come last year :D


This new attractive #seed #feeder is made from aromatic red cedar with a tile effect roof. The polycarbonate panes, which are easily removable, create a chamber to contain your seed mix. It has two ledges to allow multiple feeding. - See more at:

from Midwest Living

Create a Winter Bird Buffet

Winter cookies These "cookies" add color to your backyard as well as food for birds. To make this project: Coat peanut butter on the fronts and backs of seasonal wooden cutouts bought from a crafts store. Press dried cranberries and seeds, such as niger, sunflowers and mixed birdseed, into the peanut butter and hang.