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Bamako, the capital of Mali, is supposed to be one of Africa's fastest growing cities. They have a large market, a zoo and a national park!

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Zuma Rock, Nigeria Check Phoneplus rate to Nigeria

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One of only 300 individuals remaining in the world, and now formerly recognised as endangered in their own right, this male West African giraffe risks crossing a busy road near Niger's capital Niamey. © Andy Tutchings

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Charlie Hebdo Riot: Victims Burned In Churches | Violent mob set light to at least 8 churches in Niger as protests against cartoons left 10 dead. Mob rampaged through Niger's capital as anger mounted in several Muslim countries over the mag's depiction of Mohammed. Five were killed on Sat--charred bodies found inside burned church outside capital. Body of a woman found inside a bar, asphyxiated from tear gas and smoke. Yesterday, a rally against Charlie H. in Zinder left five dead & 45…

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Niger bans the export of donkeys after Asian demand

Niger bans the export of donkeys, warning a three-fold increase in trade, mainly…

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Niger rioters torch churches and attack French firms in Charlie Hebdo protest

Niger rioters torch churches and attack French firms in Charlie Hebdo protest. At lease five killed as armed protesters angered by cartoon of prophet Muhammad go on rampage in capital.

In pictures: Enjoying tea and coffee in Africa

In Niger’s capital, Niamey, Sumudu Dhanapala says: "Tea is usually sold by men with little boxes [Left] that carry their paraphernalia - tea, coffee, sugar, milk, lemon, and little glasses." In neighbouring Mali, Laura McPherson snapped this pot of traditional green tea brewing in a courtyard in Sevare

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