✈ NIGEL FARAGE ✈ Nigel Farage survived a plane crash ✈

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How Nigel Farage's prediction of EU referendum defeat 'helped make some Brexit backers a lot of money'

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Nigel Farage - I think this guy understands what needs to be done to get the UK moving in a positive direction, but he will not get the chance because the PC media has told everyone he and his ideas are RACIST. Can anyone point out a single racist thing he has said or done? I don't believe so.

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Why Brexit is good - fact. Nope. Most of those are financial products based in having the same regulations as the EU and being a HQ for international business. Which we won't be if we leave the EU. Contextual lies and half truths

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heart 1 ✈ NIGEL FARAGE ✈ Nigel Farage survived a plane crash ✈

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Blloody hell an endorsement from Farage That's all we need Giggling Nigel Farage delighted at prospect of President Trump

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Nigel Farage to Merkel: You Invited These Terrorists In

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