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Nick Dinsmore

OTM: Pro wrestlers Gerry Brisco and Nick Dinsmore prep for Tragos/Thesz Hall of Fame Weekend

Nick dinsmore - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Nicholas "nick" dinsmore (born december 17, 1975), also known by his wwe ring name eugene, is an american professional wrestler. Description from I searched for this on

Backstage Reaction to Nick Dinsmore's WWE Departure, More Details on Another Release -

Share on TumblrFinn Balor, the former Prince Devitt, tweeted the following about his new WWE NXT ring name today: “Finn has risen…


WWE Hires Wrestler to Work as a Trainer at the New Performance Center -


“The first Ring Ka King television show got like 25 million viewers… the most-watched pro wrestling show of all-time, and the Dr. Nicholas was the first match. So, when people tuned in, I was the first thing they saw. But supposedly, in Indian culture, most households have one TV and… the women have control of the TV… Supposedly, Ring Ka King aired from 7-8, and the women didn’t wanna watch it.” –Nick Dinsmore, on speculation as to why Ring Ka King failed; The Art of Wrestling #272…