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Beneath Machu, lies a huge cave “enlarged and shaped artificially to precise geometric forms, masonry of white granite ashlars. This is the cave from which the Anunnaki sent the first Inca king to found Cuzco, 75 miles southeast of Machu. [Childress, 2012:319 -343; Lost Realms 140 - 154]

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Crop Circle at Hod Hill, nr Hanford, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 1st June 2014

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Mars Anomalies A gigantic segmented worm would adequately explain this photo. ("Spice" emitted from its mouth is optional.)

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The Great Pyramid is aligned with Machupicchu, the Nazca lines and Easter Island along a straight line around the center of the Earth, within a margin of error of less than one tenth of one degree of latitude. Other sites of ancient construction that are also within one tenth of one degree of this line include: Perseopolis, the capital city of ancient Persia; Mohenjo Daro, and Petra. The Ancient Sumarian city of Ur and the temples at Angkor Wat are within one degree of latitude of this line.

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Planet X Nibiru The Undeniable Evidence' What They 'Don't' Want You To R...

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January 7, 2017 Nibiru Evidence Shows the Nibiru Nemesis system on Clos...

The Symbols for the Creator God, across all cultures, almost identical, Coincidence, Or Ancient Aliens?

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