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Niall Horan Hair

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Drag Me Down

"Over Again(One Direction Vampire Story)Niall Horan Love Story - Introduction" by Macie_Lynn - "Macie was like every other teenager but she was a vampire. She was bit by her old boyfriend Niall Ho…"

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33 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction

When he and his blond hair and perfect arms and chest hair looked like this in an American tank top. | 33 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction


Omg this boy I swear so flipping hot it's not even funny how hot he is. I loved him with braces and the non quiff hair and I love him this way too true Niall girl here! How about y'all??


Onece again my concert they put on an awsome show plus it was my first concert and i was crying through the whole night but i was so dehydrated that no tears were coming but i was cying and my knees where so wobbly i still cant believe in was in the same room as niall horan i still dont belive i was i just keep thinking i was wachting it on my kindle but it was much more i cant describe how awsome itvwas considering i got to take my best friend


That smirk <3 he's just so perfect <3 Heart problems all over again XD :D Love him to pieces Forever & Always <3


oh god here comes the feels. it's a severe case guys, i may not make it through this time.