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English Style Kitchen with an AGA Cooker ... Note the silver rod above the cooker, one might not know the AGA is great for drying items as well ~thus the additional rod above other than the one on the cooker... you name it ~dish towels, garments & even newspapers on those rainy days you wake & the paper is soaked!


U.K. Teddy girls. the subculture started in London in the 1950s, and rapidly spread across the UK, soon becoming strongly associated with American rock and roll. Originally known as Cosh Boys, the name Teddy Boy was coined when a 1953 Daily Express newspaper headline shortened Edward to Teddy


Mutual support changed the fortunes of both Bob and his busking owner James Bowen


I picked up the newspaper that was sitting in the café. The front page headline read, "Young Man Missing". Being a curios person, I began reading the article. What I read next was so appalling that I needed confirmation. 'Sir," I said to the man behind the counter, "Would you please tell me this name right here?" I asked pointing to the paper as he gave me a strange look. "James McGee." He said. I dropped the paper and ran out of the café. A.L.M.