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King George V dies. His son, David, ascends the throne as King Edward VIII, but causes a constitutional crisis with his determination to marry Wallis Simpson. When King Edward VIII abdicates to marry Mrs. Simpson, younger brother Prince Albert, Duke of York accedes as King George VI, the king with the stammer depicted in the movie The King's Speech.

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William and Kate enjoy a boat trip on the Scilly Isles

The Duke of Cambridge had his wife in fits of giggles today as the pair wrapped up their tour of the Scilly Isles with a windswept boat trip to St Martins.


Thousands of migrants to be housed in the UK and enrolled in taxpayer-funded English class

The UK has over 100,000 British families they are unable to house and are classed as 'homeless' and yet this headline tells all you need to know what your Government think about your future as 'British people' it is 'NOTHING' they don't care about you or your children - THOUSANDS of Syrian refugees are set to be settled in the UK as local councils vow to make room for them.


Most graves are stoned, some have plaques ░ funny headlines | funny news headlines (26)

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Shocked to the core: 10 crimes that shook Britain

The Great Train Robbery - Captured: The Daily Mirror on 17 August 1963

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We've got a new front page - and it has a fine heritage

1990 Margaret Thatcher is to stand down as prime minister after her Cabinet refused to back her in a second round of leadership elections.The prime minister said pressure from colleagues had forced her to conclude that party unity and the prospect of victory in the next general election would be better served if she stepped down.Once again Margaret Thatcher has put her country's and party's interests before personal considerations

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Why a healthy dose of sarcasm makes you brighter and more creative

Sarcasm: How the 'lowest form of wit' actually makes people brighter and more creative - Science - News - The Independent

August 31 1997, Princess Diana died after her Mercedes Benz S280 crashed into a pillar in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel, Paris. She was just 36. Her friend Dodi Al-Fayed was also killed in the collision.

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Love in the heir: When will Prince William and Kate Middleton hear the pitter patter of tiny royal feet?

Big news: The birth of an heir to the throne caused a stir when Prince Charles was born in 1948