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Setting Intentions in Tune with the Moon, Create a Regular Moon Ritual

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tarotofthekittenofblade: “reinedelair: “sstoness: “New Moon: This phase is a time to rest and restore, and is all about new beginnings. It’s a good time to make changes and adjustments, and also to...

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Happy New Moon! Tonight I'll be honoring The #Moon and myself with a Moon #Ritual Bath. How will you be honoring this #sacred time of reNEWal?

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Silver Moon Phases Bracelet - Crescent Moon Zodiac Full Moon Bracelet - Astrology Lunar Calendar Planet Space Moon Cycle Solar System

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new, moon, intentions, luna, prayer, chant, spell, affirmation, phase, transformation, beginning, witch, wicca, pagan, spiritual, book of shadows, growth, wish,magic, magick #whitewitchparlour

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Copper Full Moon 2016 Calendar Moon Phases, lunar phase screen print, beautiful silver gold large print 22x30, la luna wall art space, stars

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