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Pluto's giant moon Charon may have had a buried ocean. In July of 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will be the first to visit Pluto and Charon, and will provide the most detailed observations to date.

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Sunroom w/brick floor & lots of plants= dream home :) from Moon to Moon blogspot

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MAGIC SEA! Glowing blue water washes up on a beach in Vaadhoo, one of the Raa Atoll islands in the Maldives makes for such cool pictures. The result of a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, it occurs when a micro-organism in sea water is disturbed by oxygen.

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The Eyes have so much symbolic meaning dating back to Biblical times. In Christianity the Eye of God is depicted hovering over a tent, which is symbolic of the Tabernacle - the temple of the faithful. The eye here represents the omni-present spirit of God peering into the soul of the faithful - ever watchful over those who serve. In our Dreams the meaning of eyes indicates an opening into a new dimension.

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2017 Lunar Calendar. Silver screen print on Navy Blue paper. 8.5 x 11 Edition of 125 Read the lunar calendar by tracing the moon phase up to the corresponding date for each month. Dates Marked for full, new, and quarter moons. There is a hash mark for each day of the year, and dots correspond to Sundays. The symbols in the outside circle correspond to astrological dates.

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The ultimate guide to 2016 Zodiac Moon Phases - Full Moon, New Moon, Dark Moon, Blue Moon & Supermoon | from You.Are.Venus.

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