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Brie Larson in 'Room'. It's a tearjerker, highly emotional with great performances from Larson herself and surprisingly new comer Jacob Tremblay. A work of art, mixing sound and visual camera work to create a sense of isolation, claustrophobia. A touching story that holds relevance, considering latest events similar to this story. Hey, watch it!

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Or should I say “Harry Potter and this blog is still a book-blog”? Anyway, I’m here bearing news! Good news! News that might not be new to you! If you’re what internet refer…

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Fly the flag for Britain with these Union Jack interiors

Ohhh ... Paddington Bear! I try to give every new born I visit, a Paddington Bear. Every baby should have a friend like Paddington.

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Four Places You Have to Eat In NYC

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The Rugged Style- Art of Being the Man

Classics never die and the new ideas are always forged, this is the yin n yang of fashion

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CEROPEGIA-WOODII-String-of-Hearts Tuber beads are small beads which form on stem at the leaf bases. Can be planted to produce new vines. Press the tuber into the soil, & keep it moist (not wet), plant the bead while it is still attached to the mother plant, for speedier rooting. Once rooted & growing, sever from the main plant.

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Pet Detective: Sykes the Jack Russell to become the first four-legged member of Midsomer Murders cast

Crime-fighting canine: Sykes the Jack Russell, seen here with co-star Fiona Dolman, has joined the cast of the new series of Midsomer Murders

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Half Penny. I remember these being introduced and being all new and shiny! Loose change to buy half penny chews, such as Fruit Salads & Black Jacks on the way to school.

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I love this day. Every New Year's Eve I feel full of excitement hope joy and magic. Wishing you all the most wonderful start to 2017

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