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YES. this is how I feel around my friends. And when I meet new people, if I continue speaking to them, that's why. Their mind appeals to me and my soul is more willing to accept them.

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The wings of the butterfly are so delicate and powerful with such elegance and beauty ... and to think ... the caterpillar once scurry along the ground only to one day fly amongst the heavens ... like you and me :)

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So often we are criticized and told "be more of this" "be less of that" or just "you need to be 'X'". We're often being told to be something we're not in order to get the guy or gal. "You're too strong minded...you need to soften guys will like you more. " "Don't be too eager play the game...a woman can't think you're too into her." This is all crap. You should absolutely be growing and bettering yourself at all times...but you should never be muting yourself because you think it's the only…

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