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Best stroller ever! I need it when the time comes.


The 5 Coolest New Baby Gadgets to Know About

Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat Smart Screen - The award winning Prodigy® Infant Car Seat is the easiest car seat to install on the market and the only one that tells you when it is installed correctly. With its innovative SmartScreen™ Technology, installing the base is as easy as 1-2-3, just Click, Level and Tighten. Look for the green smile!

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10 new baby products everyone will want in 2016

The Austlen Entourage can carry 150 pounds of kid(s) and cargo.


Great Ideas! 15 Gadgets That Make New Moms’ Lives Easier

Great Ideas! 15 Gadgets That Make New Moms’ Lives Easier – Moms & Babies – Moms & Babies -

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New Baby Infant Newborn Sleep positioner Anti Roll Pillow With Sheet Cover

We have this, and bash loves to take naps on our bed with this during the day, and his rock and play sleeper, so he won't get tired of his bed


This Gadget Could Help Make Your Baby A Genius

People Either Love Or Hate This Controversial New Baby Gadget #refinery29

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Saving Money: What Every New Baby Really Needs

Kids don't have to be expensive. Here you will find a checklist for saving money: what every new baby REALLY needs and what they don't!

Diaper Dekor is introducing color to its diaper pail line.

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Owlet - can a sock save your sanity

Sleep better as a new mom with the Owlet Care smart sock baby monitor. It will monitor your baby's vital signs and alert you only when needed.



UviCube: sanitizes with a UV cycle and a dry cycle so that everything you put in the box (which can include remote controls and even cell phones!) is dry and ready to use once the 45-minute process is up.