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Nuclear Explosions - I am become Death |


Atomic explosion at Nevada Test Site. (Colorized Photo). This is such a funny and ironic photo. All these people sitting far too close to this explosion, not understanding the consequences and radiation they could get.


KNPR's State of Nevada -- Atomic Tourism In Las Vegas #interestingandwierd


How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb: Plumbbob Hood, 74 kilotons, Nevada Test Site, July 5, 1957.


Real Photo from Nellis AFB Bombing Range, Nevada taken by a General not to be named, Morss NYE 02484 Priscilla atomic test Nevada Test Site 1959... He died of Lymphoma in 1966...


Five Men Agree To Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb

Five Air Force officers stand at ground zero of an atomic bomb test at a Nevada test site on July 19, 1957.

Blown To Smithereens: The Strange Story Of Survival Town It can get hot in Nevada, but 1955 saw temps in selected areas reach that of the surface of the sun. In a roughly three month period in the spring of that year, the U. S. Army set off 14 nuclear explosions at the Nevada Test Site at Yucca Flats under the name of Operation Teapot. The explosions ranged in yield from 1.2 to 43 kilotons. The bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, ten years earlier had a yield of approximately 12…