Blu-ray to finally outsell DVD players this Xmas, says Asda | Asda believes that the Blu-ray player will finally outsell DVD players this Christmas, with GfK data convincing the UK supermarket giant to focus on the more modern format. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Comprehensive list of all the mountaineering and rock climbing movies on Netflix (DVD rentals) including documentaries, historical, and fictional movies.

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The one billionth Netflix DVD rental—”Babel,” if you were curious—was rented out to a film lover in a San Antonio suburb. 5. It’s no “Winona Forever” tattoo, but when Johnny Cash met his first wife in San Antonio, he carved “Johnny Loves Vivian” on a public bench near the river. 6. San Antonio has been keeping it cool since 1928, with the first air-conditioned office building in the country, the Milam Building. The first air-conditioned bank, hotel, and Catholic Church followed. 7. One San…

Best shows on Netflix: 35 great Netflix TV series Read more Technology News Here --> Welcome to TechRadar's always-updated selection of the best shows on Netflix - 35 TV shows that showcase the best Netflix series available in the US. Netflix's transition from a DVD rental service to a streaming behemoth has been impressive to watch. The company has sunk tons of money and effort into making itself into the Number 1 destination for on-demand content that it…

Netflix Launches a New App for DVD Rentals #Entertainment #Tech_News #music #headphones #headphones

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