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Netflix Canada Price

tv shows I have heard a lot of commentary over the last year how the value of Netflix Canada is somewhat dubious at best. I agree in some aspects but in many ways I can completely debunk that theory simply by looking at one thing Netflix does offer. Loads and loads of TV shows for a price …

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Netflix drops the hammer on Canadian VPN users

Netflix enrages Canada by actually following through with VPN crackdown plans - Virtual private networks hit a major roadblock. So ... back to torrenting? Prices hikes are one thing, but cutting off access to U.S. Netflix content? That's enough to drive some Canadian customers straight back into the arms of torrents ... or maybe even DVD stores. At press time, Canadian Netflix users could access approximately 4,000 movies and shows, while nearly 7,000 titles were available to subscribers in…

Netflix Won't Increase Its Prices, Attributes Q3 Success to Stranger Things -

Remember when we had to go to block buster to rent a movie? Netflix is where you can order a movie or a TV show right in your own living room anytime you want for a small price. I love netflix because I can get a movie anytime I want or if I miss my favorite tv show I can always watch it on netflix the next day! Netflix is the best thing ever!

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10 Best Documentaries on Netflix Instant

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday took the first step in a net neutrality plan that could make it harder to access Netflix, Facebook and YouTube, or guarantee your access to those websites under certain circumstances.


Netflix raises the price of its most popular plan by $1

Your Netflix and chill just got a little more expensive.