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This is how the 'Internet of Things' is changing the business model of the world's biggest technology companies

This is how Microsoft is preventing hackers from hijacking IoT devices Last week a massive cyberattack knocked out many major websites across the internet including Amazon Netflix Github and Spotify. @tachyeonz

Did you know that Blockbuster Video had the opportunity to buy Netflix for $40 Million but they PASSED, because they simply didn't understand the Netflix business model; it was too different from their traditional way of thinking. Today, Blockbuster is Bankrupt. Netflix has over 50+ million customers and is worth an estimated 19.7 BILLION and climbing. With the trend of social media, word of mouth is easier than ever before. #projectecx #opportunity #business #paradigm

Millions of Americans Cut the TV Cord [STUDY]

Report on the increase in cord cutting by cable TV consumers in the US

Netflix’s Business Model Canvas ...