Rabbi David Wolpe's interesting benediction at the DNC . . . took place late at night, in front of an empty hall, after the Jerusalem/G-d platform nonsense . . . Not glad he went, tho I understand why he did, but glad he added the shout out to Jerusalem . . .

Analysis of Rouhani's UN speech. Plus, why did Iranian leader snub meeting with Obama? And Netanyahu warns U.S. not to fall into Iran's "hon...

Obama Pulled UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-Moon, John Kerry, Samantha Power from Netanyahu Speech... OCT 2 2015

A Letter of Thanks From Hamas to the International Media | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

10-02-2015 President Obama called Kerry and UN Ambassador Samantha Power into a video conference before Netanyahu’s UN Speech.

Kerry And UN Ambassador Power Snub Netanyahu, Skip UN Speech As Obama Proves He's A "Big Man"

Netanyahu addresses UN General Assembly {FULL SPEECH} - - Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the UN General Assembly. Goes on to discuss why Israel doesn't support Iran Deal. †

Full VIDEO of Netanyahu speech: Slams UN’s ‘deafening silence’ in face of Iranian threats to wipe out Israel - See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/10/full-video-of-netanyahu-speech-slams-uns-deafening-silence-in-face-of-iranian-threats-to-wipe-out-israel.html/#sthash.FQ60oust.dpuf

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