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Nerd Meaning In Hindi

Baby Girl Name: Nayana (ny-ahna). Meaning: The Apple of the Eye. Origin: Hindi; Portugese.


Lal was an android, constructed by Data in 2366 with a newly-developed submicron matrix transfer technology. Using his own positronic brain as a template, Data created Lal for two purposes – to attempt to re-create the work of his father, Noonian Soong; and to experience the act of procreation, and of having a family. Data chose the name for his offspring from the Hindi word meaning beloved.

Rimjhim (hindi); a light tapping sound produced by the series of raindrops rapidly falling and hitting onto a surface


An Indian Bungalow:A bungalow is a type of house, with varying meanings across the world. Common features to many (but not all) of these definitions include being detached, low-rise (single storey or one-and-a-half storeys), and the use of verandahs. The term originated in India, derived from Hindi बंगला baṅglā. Such houses were traditionally small, only one storey and detached, and had a wide veranda.

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