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Nelson Mandela for Kids: Autobiography and Lessons

Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. The abridged, children's version of his autobiography plus lesson plans, pre/post reading questions, and additional activities to learn about Nelson Mandela for kids.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a great leader who spent his entire adult life working for equality and justice in South Africa. Mandela has inspired people around the world to work non-violently for a better life.

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17 Awesome and Inspiring Facts About Nelson Mandela

In addition to the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela has received more than…


In this week's Spot, Sadhguru writes about the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the grace in which he lived his life. "The hallmark of Nelson Mandela is that in spite of going through unspeakable levels of cruelty and injustice, he did not become bitter and hateful. He still lived laughing and joyfully, not resentfully. It takes a certain quality for a man to do that." Sadhguru also includes his poem "Mandela". Enjoy!