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awesome IMF’s Lagarde convicted in negligence case; won’t face jail term Check more at

We understand what it means when a loved one places their trust in a medical provider only to have that trust silenced by a serious medical mistake. Robinson & Associates, accepting medical negligence cases in Maryland and Washington DC, can help

Clampdown on lawyers overcharging NHS in clinical negligence cases

NHS Litigation Authority says a third of paid out last year went to lawyers and that government legal aid reforms have led to rising costs in some cases

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases on earth. 12.49% of medical deaths are caused by malignant neoplasm, commonly known as cancer. However, one in every five cancer patients

When Can Pregnancy Related Injuries Give Rise to a Medical Negligence Case?

This Court Case Shows The Risks Of Abortion Remaining In The NSW Crimes Act

In 1994 a medical negligence case rapidly became a "landmark case about the…

Common Errors Leading to the Medical Negligence Cases and the Way to Deal with Them | Medical Negligence