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Need For Speed Games

Funky Karts Android Game - , Control a kart as the ruler of a supernatural empire. support him overcome the hilly line and conquer bad defenders. Acheronian forces assaulted the joyful empire in this game for Android. The ruler needs to rescue his empire and free the caught buddies. support the ruler speed the kart to an insane speed. Do dizzying jumps, flips, and other ruses. Speed down hills, into Acheronian caves, and other venues. thrust foes and overcome hindrances…

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No Sweat !!! Computer Consultants

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SQolor Android Game - , ruin multicoloured blocks descending from the top and filling the compete tract. Tap blocks of the told color to explode them. Rely on your reaction speed and measurement abilities in this addictive game for Android. being on the specified game method you'll ruin solo block or series of them. In the first one you only need to tap desired blocks as swift as accomplishable. In ordinal one you have to tap blocks in the right command. Black openings…

The Scooty: Run Bully Run Android Game - , support the discontented male labelled Scotty flee from genitors who chase him and want to punish him for wrongdoing. Run as swift as you can in this game for Android. lead the male at full speed through roads of a little municipality, along passageways of non-identical dwellings, and other tracks. accumulate gold coinages that you'll need to buy different improves and helpful bonuses. In time tap the screen to make the warrior jump…

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Leaked GTX 1050 specs unveil a Pascal card primed for 1080p

Leaked GTX 1050 specs unveil a Pascal card primed for 1080p Nvidia's line-up of Pascal-based desktop graphics cards will soon be complete with the release of the GeForce GTX 1050 and the specs of this low-end model have just been leaked. It'll be based on the GP107 GPU and according to the leak from Chinese site Benchlife the GTX 1050 will run with a clock speed of 1316MHz with boost to 1380MHz and 768 CUDA cores with 4GB of GDDR5 memory on board clocked at 1752MHz. The card will boast a pixel fill rate of 42.1 GPixel/s a 128-bit bus and a bandwidth of 112.1GB/s. That is if the GPU-Z screenshot displayed by the tech site is in fact genuine of course. Power (and price) efficient TDP is expected to weigh in at 75W so it's nice and frugal as you might expect and shouldn't need to be plugged into your PSU. Of course we've already seen the launch of the GTX 1080 and 1070 followed by the more wallet-friendly GTX 1060 and most recently a few weeks ago a cut-down version of the 1060 which has 3GB of video RAM (half the amount of the vanilla version) along with slightly less CUDA cores and a more affordable price still. The GTX 1050 will sit under the latter and therefore the price tag should weigh in at an appreciable amount less than the GTX 1060 3GB which is pitched at around $299 or 190 (around AU$335). In other words Pascal graphics power will become even more accessible to the gaming masses looking for a budget option to run their favorite titles at 1080p come next month when as has been previously rumored the GTX 1050 is expected to launch. Via: VR-Zone Check out the 10 best graphics cards in the world Gaming News