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This is a walking tour you can try yourself if you’re interested in bookshops. You might need to divide the tour into a couple days if you’re like me and end up walking around for 2-3 hours in one shop. However, a lot of the shops have certain specialisations so you can miss a few shops ...

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tarte~don't be afraid to dazzle~ Tarte "don't be afraid to dazzle" contour & highlight. This is BNIB, never been touched! Purchased from my nearest Ulta store. It's a great product & the smell is amazing! I had forgotten all about it. I've been decluttering my beauty room. Have lots more make up to come 😁 Feel free to ask about a bundle or trade! tarte Makeup Bronzer

While a bag of candy may be tempting to open and eat if found on a bus, it’s probably best to stay away and save up your pennies for a fresh bag at the nearest convenience store. It happens every so often…you come across an unopened bag of candy on the street. If you’re having a particular sweet tooth on that day, you might just consider picking it up and popping it in your mouth. While most people won’t admit it, it’s pretty tempting when you come across a fresh container of candy or… | Gingiss | Remember Men - "If you don't show up in a Gingiss Tux - Don't Bother to Show Up At All!" General Offices: Dearborn & Lake Chicago, Ill. 60601 Look in the yellow pages for the GINGISS store nearest you.

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DIY this gorgeous plastic spoon candle holder that can also act a a vase, if you are looking for great decor ideas for weddings, bedroom decor, or just something to spice up an empty boring space you don’t know what to do with – then this could be the perfect solution for you and it’s affordable and easy to do. If you have spare plastic spoons laying around this is a good way to upcycle them or you could easily find plastic spoons at your nearest dollar store. Furthermore the beautiful…

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