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Flowing Data — Pizza place geography

Looking for the nearest place where you can eat and bond together with your barkada after a long day's work? Calda Pizza is the answer! With its XU-Corrales branch (just in front of Xavier University), you can now taste the BIGGEST, YUMMIEST, and MOST AFFORDABLE giant pizza in the city!

Burger Place Geography


"PacBush". For April Fool's, Google allowed you to change nearly any place on a map into a PacMan board. One of the places I chose was the block I grew up on. But apparently, the game can't handle dead ends, so our block is not playable. When you go off the screen on one edge, you come out on the nearest street on the other side. The PacMan game I first played back then was in a pizza shop around the corner (on Flatbush) from PacMan's starting place (Ditmas between 22nd and 23rd).

*makes voice like Chica from the how to make fnaf not scary videos* PIZZA!


Pizza Compass. Pizza Compass is an iPhone App that helps you pinpoint the nearest pizza place no matter where you go. Pizza. That’s it. $0.99

Pizza Compass App The Pizza Compass App gives iPhone users a whole new exciting way to find pizza. Simply Download the app, allow them to access your location and it will guide you (via Pizza Compass) to the nearest pizza place, or a pizza place of your choosing. BUY IT HERE

After church Rick, Katie, Christy, and a bunch of other youth group people go to the nearest Pizza Place and laugh their heads off

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Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks

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