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Nearest Library

Use your library ... you'll miss it when you leave. ~ (ilustración de Rebecca Cobb)


Skeg Vagas ~ Skegness, not the most glamorous of destinations but me and the boys have a fantastic week with my mum!

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8 Quotes for the Ultimate Book Lover

Plus: 21 Cleaning Problems You Can Solve with Baking Soda 8 Things Parents With Teachers Knew Inside a Serene, Family-Friendly Bedroom -

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Awesome Houston Story Times That Aren't at the Library

Best Houston Story Times for Kids That Aren't at the Library - Mommy Nearest

Human libraries (check-out humans) - WTF fun facts

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200 superb books everyone should read at least once

It’s time to raid the nearest library!

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22 Signs You're a True Library Lover freaking true!! move to knew town and that's what you go look for. and actually before you even move you need to check out the library!


The final moments of the Pond Family. This is the last time all four of them are together. The next time we see The Doctor, he is living on a cloud, ignoring the world, and mourning the death of his family. The next time we see River, she’s a ghost in a library. And Amy and Rory lived to death. This was it. (gif set)