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Roughly 256,000 candles sold exclusively at Hobby Lobby are being recalled over a fire hazard concern. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission the DD brand candles’ high flame can ignite the surface of the wax and possibly start a fire. The candles should be returned to the nearest Hobby Lobby for a full refund...

I love the knobs on this necklace holder. AND I love Google! Bummer that the nearest Hobby Lobby is 62 miles away!

Why pay for expensive make up brushes when you can buy these beautiful brushes for a fraction of the cost on sale at your nearest Hobby Lobby???


Duck Tape can go a LONG way! Can be found at your nearest Michaels, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, etc. This is a great quick way to bring an old pair of shoes back to life in less that 3 minutes. Enjoy!

Get Snowflake Glitter Epoxy 3-D Sticker Embellishments On Sale today at Hobby Lobby! Compare Art Supplies prices. Get it right now at your nearest store in San Francisco.

360 View of Homeschooling Room (With Video

360 View of Homeschooling Room See Full Blog at TIP: Wrap your desks in clear vinyl to keep them nice and new. You can purchase it at the nearest fabric store. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1/yard. I think I got five yards and that covered all three tables. I secured it with a staple gun. It keeps all the gunk off the desk. You can replace it cheaply and your desk will look brand spankin' new again.


Silver Glitz Curl Grass Bush

Hobby Lobby is the place to go! I was also pleasantly surprized to find out they did an ad for Easter "advertising" Jesus Christ...the true reason we celebrate Easter. Our Lord is alive...reason to hope!


13 Reactions to the Hobby Lobby Case That Are Completely Misinformed

With abortion clinics closing across the state, women in Texas's Rio Grande Valley increasingly turn to illegal, unsafe methods to terminate their pregnancies. And the situation is about to get worse.