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Grimm ..... this is SO true, and we thank Amazon Prime for carrying this show as one of our freebies........we are going to burn out the tv watching this show!

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A homicide detective discovers he is a descendant of hunters who fight supernatural forces.

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Grimm creatures + Wesen (pronunciation: FOOKHS-bow, Grimm: FOOKS-bow; Germ. “fox hole” or “burrow”) is a fox-like Wesen known for being extremely sly and cunning. The Grimm tale on which its based is unknown as the fox is one of the most recurrent characters in Grimm fairy tales.

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Grimm creatures + Wesen A Blutbad (plural: Blutbaden; pronunciation: BLOOT-baat, BLOOT-baad in Grimm; Germ. Blut “blood” + Bad “bath”) is a wolf-like Wesen that is the basis of the fairy tale character of the Big Bad Wolf. They are among the more prolific races of Wesen in the series.

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Matthew Ligocki on

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Monroe and Nick from Grimm ~ "good Blutbad!" Hahaa :') speaks to Monroe like he's his dog... in a way, he is. Lol

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Grimm: Monroe and Rosalee's Wedding Album (i stopped watching grimm but this is beautiful!)

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