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Navy Seal Symbol

Chris Kyle's Special forces team logo . The Navy’s SEAL Team 3 paints The Punisher’s skull symbol on its military gear. Reporting on former SEAL Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle (who claimed to have made 255 kills, which would make him the most lethal U.S. sniper in history),


This picture is a Navy SEAL trident. It is the symbol for members of the Navy SEAL teams. When Chris joined the SEAL team, he wanted a tattoo. His first thought was the get one of the symbolic trident. He decided not to get that as his tattoo, because he felt like he hadn’t proved himself yet. He wanted the trident tattoo to symbolize what he had done as a SEAL, not that he had just gotten into the SEAL team.


Military Insignia 3D : U.S. Navy SEALs


An image of Chris Kyle was displayed on the giant screen at Cowboys Stadium during his memorial service Monday.#ChrisKyle #NavySeal #sniper #Navy #Seal #patriot #hero

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Greta: Pres. Obama let the jailed Marine - and us - down, big-time

AWAITING AN APOLOGY: An open letter from the mother of the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq to General Martin Dempsey: This after Dempsey was quoted as saying Ramadi, "The city itself is not symbolic in any way." (04/20/2015- Fox News)


Top 5 Spec Ops Teams

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Military Patches and Seals Vectored

U.S. Navy Patches vectored.

DOG TAG NAVY SEALS (SKELETON). At the top of the dog tag there is a relief inscription: “NAVY SEALS”. At the bottom, on the curly ribbon with pointed cloven ends, is the motto: “A CUT ABOVE THE REST”. The skeleton is the symbol of courage in the face of danger and death. #military #dogtag #amulet #charm #decoration #trinket #keychain #joss #mascot #talisman #gifts #souvenirs #embossing #skull #navy #diver #death #seals


Honoring our Fallen Heroes...And my Navy SEAL son Alexander. RIP