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World War II Uniforms -United Kingdom – 1942 May, England, Wing Commander, No. 617 Squdron, RAF United Kingdom – 1943 Sep, Cairo, Admiral, Mediterranean Fleet United Kingdom – 1944 June, Kent, Head Officer, Royal Observer Corps United Kingdom – 1944 June, Normandy, Lieutenant, 1st Glider Pilot Regiment


Pair of captain's epaulettes belonging to J. Stockham (died 1814). The regulations of 1812 stipulated that captains should now wear two epaulettes with insignia that indicated their rank: the fouled anchor and a crown. The epualettes have 20 large bullions and 17 small ones. On the shoulder pad of each is an embroidered 'S'. Royal Navy uniform regulations 1812-1825


Poster with image by Adolph Treidler: "Wages in war production plants offered forty-percent higher wages than domestic work, and women, particularly working-class wives, widows, divorcees and students, flocked to the plants, despite the hard work and dangers. The official red-and-white scarf of the Women Ordinance Workers was worn with pride as well as for on-the-job safety.