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1. This Civil War uniform was worn by the Union infantry. Mass-production of men's clothing began due to the Civil War and the use of machines to create the uniforms. {American Civil War - Union Infantry Uniform}


Pilot Officer Albert Gerald Lewis DFC (aged 22) in his Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 (VY-R) P2923 with 85 Squadron RAF at Castle Camps, RAF Debden's satellite airfield in Cambridgeshire. July 1940.


During World War II, Gene Kelly enlisted in the US Navy and was stationed at Anacostia Naval Base, in Washington DC, where he starred in several Navy training films.


Henry Fonda (1905-1982) Lt. jg U.S. Navy 1943-45 WW II. Fonda was already a movie star when he enlisted saying, "I don't want to be in a fake war in a studio." Fonda served as a Quartermaster 3rd Class on the destroyer USS Satterlee. He was later commissioned as a Lieutenant jg in Air Combat Intelligence in the Pacific and was awarded the Bronze Star.


Laurence Olivier, Famous British stage and film actor rose to fame during the 1930s but put his career aside to enlist in the Royal Navy during WW2 serving as a Lieutenant RNVR in the Fleet Air Arm.