A photo from Nutro's taping of the Natural Choice Dog Food commercial featuring Buddy the Border Collie. You have got to see it, It brings it right home and to the point. Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food is made with all natural ingredients that have be What if your dog is exhibiting an intolerance to the food that you are currently feeding him, such as being itchy, scratching often and having very dry skin, it could be time to look for an alternate food.

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So sorry Ginger but you are not overweight, you certainly are extremely active, and you are not a dog!!! When I was bringing in the Natural Choice dog food for my less active winter time overweight Cavaliers, my cat Ginger got excited and decided to Dogs suffer from allergies much the same as we do, Could you spot a dog with allergies..

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Nutro Dog Food Rebate You can get a FREE 15 lb bag of Nutro Natural Choice dog food {up to $39.99} after mail-in rebate. The 15 lb bags are a whopping $35+ so this is a great offer!! You can find this brand in Petco or Petsmart. Purchase a 15-lb. bag of NATURAL CHOICE® Dog Food between 12/30/13 …

When he developed some horrible skin allergy, the vet said the most they could do was put Stevesie on steroids. I did some internet research and found people who said dog food with fish or fish oil cured their dogs' issues. We fed this to Stevesie and his hot spots and rashes cleared up in a matter of weeks, and the bald spots that had developed began to fill back in. Poor guy! When drugs couldn't help...a change of diet did. Nutro Natural Choice Sensitive Skin and Stomach

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