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Native American Surnames

The 'Brass Ankles', an ethnic group of South Carolina"were a "tri-racial isolate" group who lived in the area of Orangeburg County, Berkeley County and Charleston County from the early 1800s to the mid 1900s. They were a mixture of African, Native American and European descent. Common surnames were Russell, Jackson, Driggers, Goins, Bunch, Sweat and Weatherford. (Varner, Clark and Burbage are also common surnames as noted in comments below)


DNA study seeks origin of Appalachia's Melungeons

DNA study of Applachia's Melungeons... I find this article absolutely fascinating. come to find out my maiden name is on the list of melungeon surnames! definitely going to do more research

The late Wilma Mankiller is one of my Cherokee heroes. She was the first modern woman chief of the Oklahoma Cherokees, a dedicated person, and a writer of several non-fiction books.


Born as Geswanouth Slahoot in North Vancouver,[1] his English name was originally Dan Slaholt. The surname was changed to George when he entered a residential school at age 5.[1] He worked at a number of different jobs, including as a longshoreman, construction worker, and school bus driver,[2] and was band chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation from 1951–63 (then called the Burrard Indian Band).


The "Goins" surname is among the most well-documented surnames for Melungeon ancestry. Pictured in this photograph from my family album are from left to right: Arthur Goins, William Paul Goins (my great-grandfather), William Volney Goins (my great-great-grandfather), Sarah Martha Goins (my great-great-grandmother), Addie Goins, "Lank" Goins, and a friend (name unknown)..

Diana Fletcher (b. 1838), African-Seminole who joined the Kiowa tribe

Millions of Americans with Scottish surnames are actually Scotch-Irish descendants of poor Scottish farmers given an opportunity, starting in 1610, to cultivate small parcels of land in Northern Ireland captured by the eviction of native Irish people from ancient family farms.The Irish were sent to remote reservations. The Scots persisted & developed a distinct culture,not Scotch and not Irish, then evicted by their British landlords within three generations.


Wilma Mankiller ~ The first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She served as principal chief for ten years from 1985 to 1995.