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In nearly all cultures, myths and legends can serve as cautionary tales, keeping one foot in practical reality and the other in the realm of the supernatural… and it’s no surprise that the most effective cautionary tales are also the scariest. The...

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Native American Folktales for Kids: Picture Books

20 Native American Folktale Picture Books for Kids

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Native American Legends:Resources,ideas,&Activities to help with legend writing

3+ weeks of lessons plans included! This 24 page packet is perfect to add to a unit focusing on Native American legends. We use it for our fourth grade class on the essential question, “How the Earth & Sky are portrayed in fiction and nonfiction.” It allows students to see that legends incorporate real events with a person’s unusual life story with exaggerations and heroic actions.


A Brief Guide to Native American Myths and Legends: With a new introduction and commentary by Jon E. Lewis (Brief Histories) by Lewis Spence, Available thru' Allbooks using our link below


Skinwalkers: Native American Organized Crime?


How Raven Stole The Sun - A printable Native American Raven Legend for kids to read and illustrate - Layers of Learning

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Reader's Theater: 4 Native American Legends (plays for 3rd, 4th, 5th grade)

Focus on DIFFERENTIATION! This reader’s theater set features 4 popular Native American legends written on 3 reading levels for a total of 12 plays! Each script contains 4-6 parts, making it a perfect activity for guided reading groups! Modified versions provide support in basic fluency skills and enriched versions provide challenge with tier 2 vocabulary!


Assorted Multicultural Native American Projects - Native American Art Projects & Lesson Plans


The Map Of Native American Tribes You've Never Seen Before

Aaron Carapella has pinpointed the locations and original names of hundreds of American Indian nations before their first contact with Europeans.