National rum day

Lovely Rich Christmas Fruitcake from Hannah Hossack-Lodge this'll look great on Christmas Day.

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Rumtopf (Rum Pot in german) also known as Bachelor's Jam, or Boozy Fruit. Made with Brandy it's sometimes called Tutti Frutti or Brandied FruiT

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Happy National Coconut Torte Day! Make a Coconut Cream Martini with Blue Chair Bay Rum to celebrate!

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Today is #HotButteredRumDay and always be responsible is our motto all while enjoying some today!

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The Sami flag. Sami national day is 6th February and was celebrated the first time 1993. Samernas nationaldag firas sedan 1992 den 6 februari för att fira minnet av den första samiska kongressen som ägde rum denna dag 1917 i Trondheim. Samernas nationaldag firas i hela Sameland. Dagen firades första gången 1993.

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