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Left Handers Day

Left handed information and left handed products - raising awareness of the needs of lefthanders worldwide on International Left-Handers Day

★ Limey Green ★ It's National Left-Handed Day today! So, if you are LEFT HANDED or KNOW SOMEONE who is LEFT HANDED, LIKE THIS, SHARE THIS, and COMMENT on this! (That should be EVERYONE!!) If you ARE left handed, tell everyone what's so awesome about it!

National Left Handers Day (August 13th)

Left-handers, today is your day! This holiday brings awareness to living in a right-handed world. Righties try your hand at being a leftie today!INCLUDED IN THIS FILE: (10 pages)*Instructions to the Activity Leader*1-page "National Left Handers Day" fact sheet*1-page "Lefties" that explains about "lefties" in a right-handed world*4-pages "Bug Toss" game- (using your left hand only of course)*Display page to advertise the day*Cover and credits page***CHECK OUT THE OTHER BIZARRE AND FUN…

In the spirit of Left Handers Day, here is a look at broken bones, right-handed scissors and leveraging technology from a lefty point of view. #SOLIDWORKS #3dscanning #3dprinting #GoEngineer #lefty #lefthandersday #lefthandedproblems