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Nathan Outlaw

from Great British Chefs

Grilled bream with mustard and tarragon sauce, asparagus and peas

The firm flesh of bream in Nathan Outlaw's recipe is complemented by the sweet flavour of cream-enriched tartare-style sauce flecked with potatoes, asparagus, lettuce and peas. You can buy two large, whole fish if you want to fillet them yourself, or ask your fishmonger to do this for you.

from Great British Chefs

Mackerel, tomato and samphire salad

PAN-SEARED MACKEREL, TOMATO & SAMPHIRE with WARM TOMATO MAYONNAISE & OLIVE OIL [Nathan Outlaw] [greatbritishchefs] [sea beans, marsh sea bean, sea asparagus, samphire, samphire greens, salicornia]

Moroccan spinach and chickpea strudel recipe from How to Cook Pastry by Leiths…

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Nathan Outlaw’s cod burger with homemade tomato ketchup

Nathan's Cod Burger

from Great British Chefs

Watercress soup with cheddar toasties

Watercress soup with cheddar toasties by Nathan Outlaw

from Great British Chefs

Barbecued jerk lobster with coconut rice

Nathan Outlaw coats fresh lobster in a spicy jerk marinade before barbecuing it at a high heat. This jerk lobster recipe is served with fragrant coconut rice, fresh coriander and charred limes, a fantastic BBQ idea from one of Britain's best seafood chefs.

from Great British Chefs

Boiled egg and soldiers

Boiled egg and soldiers - Nathan Outlaw. Egg and soldiers will never be the same again after you've had this version, which has asparagus which not only adds a nice aesthetic touch but a fabulous flavour.

from The Telegraph

Monkfish bean and bacon stew

Monkfish bean and bacon stew -simple and quick by Nathan Outlaw

from delicious. magazine

Crispy hake with cauliflower purée, apples and walnuts

Nathan Outlaw combines crispy battered hake, smooth cauliflower puree and a herbed apple and walnut salad in this impressive recipe.

from Great British Chefs

Pollock with cheddar and herb crust

This is an excellent recipe for crusted pollock that's an easy fish dish to prepare. Nathan Outlaw's pollock recipe is a wonderful way to prepare this whitefish