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Natalie Portman Child

Derek: Right, of course, the Throne. But you see, I've come to realize all the accomplishments in the world mean nothing without someone. Alice looks like a deer in headlights. Edward: Look, Alice, I've lived my life unafraid of taking big steps. And this is the biggest step yet. Little queen that can change our lives... // Natalie Portman as Alice


Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman reflect on being child actors

'It worked out OK': The mothers reflect on their early days in the spotlight as child actors

Natalie Portman pregnant with her second child

Natalie Portman is ‘happy’ about her second pregnancy, a source told Us Weekly on Thursday, September 8 — read more

FIRST LOOK: Natalie Portman’s Ethereal White Wedding Dress

#Natalie Portman, #Weddings, #Celebrities, A lovely vintage style wedding dress... want one without paying an arm and a leg?!