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The Daily Hubble Top 100 Images - #95 Unusual Spiral NGC 4921 in the Coma Galaxy Cluster This very deep image shows the spiral galaxy NGC 4921 along with a spectacular backdrop of more distant galaxies. Credit: NASA, ESA and K. Cook (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)


awesome. It's amazing that God gave us the ability to figure out how to go to space, praise Him our good God!


Can You Identify The Planets In Our Solar System Just From A Close Up Picture?

Test your knowledge to see how much you actually know about the planets in our solar system!


Abell 2744 and 3 images of a distant galaxy | ESA/Hubble. Image: NASA (, ESA ( Acknowledgement: A. Zitrin (California Institute of Technology, USA)


Space Shuttle in the VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building My father-in-law Jim Devlin worked at Nasa. My husband and I got a VIP of the VAB. I stepped on the roof of the VAB it was made of some type of plyable material and it gave way a little. I thought I was going to die.