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astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, nebulas The creator of this Universe has no problem fixing up his Earth.


April 19, 2012. Space Shuttles Enterprise, left, and Discovery meet nose-to-nose at the beginning of a transfer ceremony at the Smithsonian's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va. Space shuttle Discovery, the first orbiter retired from NASA’s shuttle fleet, completed 39 missions, spent 365 days in space, orbited the Earth 5,830 times, and traveled 148,221,675 miles will now begin its new mission to educate and inspire. Photo Credit: (NASA/Smithsonian Institution/Carolyn Russo)


According to a recent news release on NASA's official website, Hubble Telescope on a three-day observation period captured some fine details of the Comet 332P that is disintegrating about 150 million miles from the sun.

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Mars Rover: How To Identify Fake Photos By iDigital Times Staff Rep | Since so little is known about Mars, it's tough to determine what photos can be trusted. Many fake photos of Mars circulating the internet are fake. The best way to determine whether a photo is fake or not is to check NASA's official website, where all of the Mars rover photos are published. You can even download RAW files of Mars photos.


Rainbow Bands of Airglow in Gravity Waves above Pico Island Were seen from NOAA/NASA Satellite in Space @ Astrophotography by Miguel Claro | Official website from a renowned astrophotographer dedicated to Art Science Photography | Workshops | Books | Public Talks | Fine Art Prints

The first Hispanic woman in the world to go to space, Ellen Ochoa is an absolute Rennaisance woman. A classically-trained flautist, former astronaut and pioneer of spacecraft technology (who patented an optical system used in automated space exploration--and which also removes "noise in software like Photoshop) she has spent nearly 1,000 hours in space and is serving as the Deputy Director of the Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas. #STEM #astronaut #women #role_model #herstory #heroine

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What Is a Black Hole?

What Is a Black Hole? | NASA

I found some news on Internet but I also checked Nasa website and I didn’t find any confirmation.  So is up to you. J.W.B. NASA have admitted to spraying lethal chemtrails into our atmosphere…