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July 4th 2016-NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reaches Jupiter After 5-Year Journey. -Luminous beauty of Jupiter's auroras revealed by Hubble The images were released as Nasa’s Juno spacecraft hurtled closer toward the solar system’s largest planet.


Jupiter imaged using the VISIR instrument on the VLT - In preparation for the imminent arrival of NASA’s Juno spacecraft in July 2016, astronomers used ESO’s Very Large Telescope to obtain spectacular new infrared images of Jupiter using the VISIR instrument. More information: Credit: ESO/L. Fletcher

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NASA's Juno probe gets closest-ever look of Jupiter

NASA's Juno space probe soared the closest it has ever been to Jupiter during the main phase of its prime mission to the gas giant on Saturday, officials said.

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Juno probe returns close-up Jupiter pictures

Juno took this picture of Jupiter as it flew over the north pole, from a distance of 195,000km

NASA's Juno Probe Buzzes Jupiter in Its First (and Closest) Flyby

Juno Spacecraft: NASA's New Mission To Jupiter, Contributor | April 29, 2016


Yesterday, NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Soared Over Jupiter In Its First-Ever Flyby


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