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July 4th 2016-NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reaches Jupiter After 5-Year Journey. -Luminous beauty of Jupiter's auroras revealed by Hubble The images were released as Nasa’s Juno spacecraft hurtled closer toward the solar system’s largest planet.

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The Great Red Spot of Jupiter: a storm that's been raging for over 300 years, it's 3X the size of the Earth

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The view from Jupiter's south pole from the Juno spacecraft has just been released. Amazing.

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Jupiter imaged using the VISIR instrument on the VLT - In preparation for the imminent arrival of NASA’s Juno spacecraft in July 2016, astronomers used ESO’s Very Large Telescope to obtain spectacular new infrared images of Jupiter using the VISIR instrument. More information: Credit: ESO/L. Fletcher

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Jupiter and Its Moons

Jupiter’s intense magnetic field generates the solar system’s largest and brightest auroras, which are 1,000 times larger than Earth’s Northern Lights. Juno’s polar orbit will allow the spacecraft to study the auroras in detail.

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Crescent Jupiter with the Great Red Spot | NASA