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Naruto Movie 8

punziella: “ They’re at it again “ Tulio and Miguel! Miguel and Tulio! Mighty and powerful gods! ” For my long overdue art trade with superbradyann! I’m sorry this took forever :o ” The Thor and El...

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Sakura, Rock Lee, Naruto & Neji - "When someone try to reminds the teacher about the homework" - from 4th movie: "Naruto Shippuden the Movie"

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So me in many ways, in math I will be looking at my teacher like he said Anime sucks.

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I love Temari's expression, it's just like, "Aw hell yeah you are so your father's son."

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I legit thought this was another period pin ngl                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Impresión de minimalismo de Deadpool

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