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"Neji told you that you’re not living just for yourself. Do you understand? ‘I’m not going to let anyone kill my friends.’ Those words, and the ideal behind them, aren’t false. He enshrined them in his heart. In its very depths. It’s not just you. Every last one of us carries those words, those feelings, in our hearts, and they are what unites us. That’s what it means to be friends. If we give up on those feelings, then everything Neji did will be for nothing. Then we’ll have lost our…

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Naruto Shippuden 20 (DVD) Review: Perfect For Naruto Fans, New and Old

The feels


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The Last: Naruto The Movie (DVD) Review: The Finale Naruto Fans Deserve?

Naruto The Last Thanks For 300.000 Pageviews by IITheYahikoDarkII on DeviantArt