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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!  I didn't know so much went into their crowns and I love it.
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The Kings and Queens of Old Peter: "High King Peter the Magnificent." Susan: "Think you could've left off the last bit."

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Photo of Narnia siblings sorted on Harry Potter houses for fans of The Chronicles Of Narnia. Peter - Gryffindor, Susan - Ravenclaw, Edmund - Slytherin, Lucy - Hufflepuff

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All of heaven roars Your name. Let this place erupt with praise. Can you hear it? The sound of heaven touching earth. // Kim Walker

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Or LOTR, Hunger Games, and the Hobbit. Narnia, LOTR, The Hunger Games, and The Hobbit are like the best books/movies EVER (the only thing is that they don't follow the books with the movies sometimes :/)!!!

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Lucy Pevensie: A girl who didn't stop believing things just because people told her they weren't true. A girl brave enough to follow her heart. "I wish you'd all stop trying to sound like grown-ups. I don't think I saw him, I did see him."

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