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i love this scene between the two brothers. Peter thinks he can do everything by himself and is entranced by the witch. Edmund knows better.

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Love this quote so much! I mean, when I first watched this, I was crying because Peter and Susan can't come back, and then Edmund spits out this line, and I can't stop laughing! Narnia forever!!! :)

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Prince Caspian Bloopers. I love how she just burst into laughter after their kiss, and Ben is just standing there awkwardly, getting all red, as if he's wondering what he did wrong.

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this is a part of why i so love Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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A very interesting opinion from tumblr on this (deleted) scene from the prince caspian movie.

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Really odd photo to post to a wedding board...but I love the angle of the skirt. #inspiration

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