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Narcissus Floral Crowns

Spring wedding bouquet with daffodils. Flowers of Charlotte loves this! Find us at


Royal Albert Crown China Tea Cup Trio Set Narcissus Floral Art Deco | eBay


Narcissus Flowers - Luke and Joanne

from eBay

Lovely Royal Albert Narcissus Floral Crown China Teacup & Saucer

Lovely Royal Albert Narcissus Floral Crown China


Narcissus 'Bridal Crown': Sun/part shade. March and April. Excellent cut. SWEET STRONG SCENT so good for POTS/ LINING PATHWAYS/ CUTTING. 4cm wide creamy-white flowers. 40 cms high.


The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris) and Narcissus 'Bridal crown'. Guakugatte Futakabu-ike Suiriku-ike. One of the most popular seika arrangements is the water and land style. This is also one of my favorites. The open water surface and the elegant lines makes it a peaceful and refreshing arrangement. Futakabu-ike means 'two root seika'. It consists of two separate groupings with an opening of water in-between, the main group usually consisting of shin and soe, and the su

A polychrome vernis martin commode, Régence, circa 1720


simple beauty I love paperwhites and they look great in zinc container