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Beautiful Napali Coast Kauai - Hawaii

The Napali Coast. Kauai, Hawaii. We took a catamaran to this area! This was such a fun day! We saw humpback whales and beautiful spinner dolphins which swam by our boat almost the whole excursion. So lush and diverse and not to busy! I loved it there!

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With so many incredible coasts to choose from, we don't know where to start! Na Pali Coast , Kauai, Hawaii.

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Na Pali Coast Sea Cave Review

Na Pali Coast Sea Cave, they sometimes hold weddings on the flat rock...or so I've been told.

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The Napali Coast Trail: 10 Tips for a Day Hike

The Napali Coast Trail: 10 Tips for a Day Hike - Pin now, plan your Kauai Travels Later!

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I've never seen a more vivid blue than the water in the sea caves on the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. Pictures don't do it justice. #kauai

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♥ We Have All The Time In The World ♥

Play- I love travelling and me and my family go somewhere tropical every year around christmas! I would love to continue this with my family when I am older as travelling is something I enjoy. I would also love to travel the world after university maybe.

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15 Things to Do in Kauai That Are Completely Perfect

FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUpon Yippee! My favorite island! Kauai is seriously so amazing (straight up Jurassic Park looking) that it’s where I went on vacation when I used to live on Maui. What?? That’s right…everybody needs a vacation. Just so you don’t miss anything incredible, here are my picks for 15 things to do on Kauai: 1.Take a …

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