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Napa Cabbage Recipes


Thai Chicken Chopped Salad with Peanut Dressing

Thai Chicken Chopped Salad with Peanut Dressing ~ exploding with the contrasting flavors and textures of crunchy Napa cabbage, juicy chicken, colorful peppers, sweet carrots, salty peanuts, and fresh cilantro! |

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Cucumber and napa cabbage coleslaw

cucumber and cabbage coleslaw - Healthy Seasonal Recipes. #yummy #recipes ❤️

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Ginger Lime Asian Slaw

This Ginger Lime Asian Slaw is the perfect combination of savory and sweet flavors. So healthy, too! Recipe from Real Food Real Deals.

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Napa Cabbage Stir Fry

Napa Cabbage Stir Fry - Chinese restaurant quality dish made easily at home in 10 minutes

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Light Chinese Chicken Salad

Lightly dressed Chinese Chicken Salad with grilled chicken, crunchy wontons, toasted almond and sprinkled with sesame seeds over a crunchy napa cabbage and carrot salad. Done in 15 minutes!

from The Woks of Life

Braised Glass Noodles with Pork & Napa Cabbage

Braised Glass Noodles with Pork & Napa Cabbage is a traditional dish from Northern China, and I’m pretty certain that most northerners have their own...


Spicy Shrimp + Napa Cabbage Stir-Fry Recipe: A quick and delicious Chinese-inspired seafood stir-fry. You won't even miss the rice! | Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen | via @bigflavors

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Healthy Veggie Bowls: Roasted and Stir Fried Veggies with Avocado Dressing

Healthy Veggie Bowls: Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Chick Peas with Stir Fried Napa Cabbage, Corn, Carrots and Scallions with Avocado Dressing. The yummiest and the healthiest veggie bowls. Great make ahead meal. Make your own with vegetables of your choice!

from The Sharing Chef

Roasted Napa Cabbage

Roasted Napa Cabbage!

from Dinner, then Dessert

CPK Inspired Thai Chicken Pasta

CPK INSPIRED THAI PEANUT CHICKEN PASTA ==INGREDIENTS== 1 lb thin spaghetti, 4T oriental sesame oil divided use, 1c julienned carrots, 2 c napa cabbage, 2 c chopped cooked chicken breast meat, 8 green onions, 5 garlic cloves, 1 T minced peeled fresh ginger, ¼ c honey, ¼ c creamy peanut butter, ¼ c soy sauce, 3 T unseasoned rice vinegar, 1½ T chili-garlic sauce ====