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Naomi Folkard Archery

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Some Wolf Riders are born with Silver hair. Those posses a great power. On the nights of a full moon they turn into their wolf bonding like no other. They also are even more incredible shots with a bow.

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The Lord of the Rings (fan-fiction) - A Weapon in a Whisper

Jenny - Hunters of Arraspel (Both her parents died when she was very young, before she even knew them. She instead was raised by her uncle, who didn't want to take care of her, so he planned to sell her to make money for alcohol. She was bought by a Ranger man, who raised her as his own. He taught her how to defend the innocent, and when she was twelve, she was so good with a bow that she was blessed with an unimaginable power to never miss, making her the best shot of the Hunters.)


Beatrix Weapon, it's called ~Viod Twilight ~ meaning meaningless darkness.This is one of the bows she will have until she gets stronger.It's pretty powerful bow fused with magic. (Huntress)


Naomi Folkard plans retirement after Olympic defeat


helenshoots: “ Naomi Folkard shoots at the World Archery Field Championships, Zagreb. Source (x) ”

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